Meal Plans

As I’m sure you’ve already realised, meal planning is a great way to reduce food waste, save money and to try new recipes!   My meal planning started over 10 years ago when we started getting a veg box & I had to plan how to use it’s contents.   I quickly got fed up of writing it out on paper every week (along with references to the appropriate recipe book & page number) and started putting it into a spreadsheet so I could easily copy & paste the contents, and link to online recipes.

After a while I started investigating blogs, as I liked the idea of being able to have my own adapted versions of recipes, being able to categorise them, and having them easily available for DH to access!  I started off on Blogger, but moved here on WordPress after a few months.

I used to have a page listing recipes I wanted to try, but this has now been largely replaced by Pinterest boards.  In the hope of speeding up the meal planning process & making it less of a chore I created a page of ideas for every meal of the week.

How do you do your meal plans?  I would love to hear what works for you!

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