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Mini Mouse Birthday Cake

Mini Mouse Birthday Cake

I just realised that I forgot to post a piccy of DC2’s birthday cake (it was ^only^ 5 months ago!) DC2 adores Mini Mouse, so it seemed the obvious choice. DH did his usual thing of googling for an apropriate image,

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Raa Raa birthday cake

Raa Raa Birthday cake

After months of debate, DD1 finally decided that she wanted a Raa Raa cake for her birthday.  So DH got to work making the same easy chocolate cake he made for DD2’s birthday earlier in the year. He then cut out

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Winnie the Pooh Birthday Cake

Winnie The Pooh Birthday Cake

It was DD2’s 2nd birthday last week & as usual DH made a fantastic cake for her (check out some of his other creations!) He didn’t do a carrot cake this time, but did chocolate cake instead & we all

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Caterpillar Cake v2

caterpillar birthday cake

A couple of years ago DH decided he would make the girls birthday cakes.  He had never made a cake before, so I showed him my favourite carrot cake recipe & he went from there – so far he has

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Caterpillar Cake

DD1 told us that DD2 really, really wanted a caterpillar cake for her birthday. So DH googled & was inspired to make this.  Under all the icing are yummy carrot cupcakes 🙂 Previous creations have included a dinosaur cake and

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Dinosaur cake

Every year DH makes DD1 a birthday cake. Last year it was Peppa Pig, For her 3rd birthday, she requested a dinosaur one & DH went 3D! He followed the instructions here.  The cake itself was the ever-popular carrot cake

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Peppa Pig cake

For her second birthday, DH made DD1 a Peppa Pig cake. The cake itself was a carrot cake

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