meal ideas

Take-to-work breakfasts

I have to take my breakfast to work 4 days a week now, so need some stuff I can make-ahead and eat at my desk

Take-to-work lunch

I am sick to death of sandwiches

Monday lunch for me & DD2

Must be very quick to serve as we  get home late from a class. something slow cookery I can prep the night before is perfect, otherwise needs to be left-overs from the freezer or a salad I can prep in the morning

Monday tea for me, DD1 & DD2

Tuesday tea for DD1 & DD2

DC1 & I get home late, and I’m never quite sure when DD2 is going to get back from the GPs, so needs to be either rustled up in a flash, or able to keep warm for up to 30min. Or a salad

Tuesday dinner for me & DH

something easy!

Wednesday tea for DD1

tea on-the-go as she needs to eat in the car inbetween school & a class

  • cheese and jam sandwich with a raw carrot, crackers, snack cheese and small fruit (grapes, satsuma segments or cherry tomatoes)

Wednesday dinner for me & DH

We have approx 30mins between putting the kids to bed & DH going out

  • supermarket pizza & salad
  • omelette

Thursday tea for DD1

It’s always a roast for lunch at school, so can be something quite light & snacky

  • hummus, carrot sticks, breadsticks, pepper sticks etc
  • facon & avocado ciabatta
  • not-dogs & salad

Thursday dinner for me & DH

This used to be “curry night”, but is back to being something quick & easy again – from the freezer if poss, as I’m trying to clear it out

Friday tea for DD1

another rush to eat inbetween coming home from after-school club & going to pick DD2 up from nursery

  • beans on toast
  • Frittata with peas & sweetcorn
  • hummus, carrot sticks, breadsticks, pepper sticks etc

Friday dinner for me & DH

we have take-away most weeks! [blush]

Saturday lunch for me, DD1 & DD2

we’re out all morning at swimming classes, and the girls are ravenous when they get back, so needs to be something that can cook happily by itself

  • baked potatoes with beans & cheese

Saturday tea for all

as we usually have stodgy baked potatoes for lunch I try to make this very vegetably

  • stir-fry veg & noodles

Sunday breakfast for all

this is the only morning we really have time to have anything other than just cereal, so try to have something different every week

Sunday lunch for all

ideally, something we can bung in the slow cooker the night before so we can go out.  It nearly always involves sausages.

sunday tea for all

as lunch is our main meal, this tends to be a lighter meal


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