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Fruity Waffles

Fruity Waffles

It’s at times like these that I wish I had a waffle maker. Then I remember what I PITA the machine I used to have was, and that I have no room in the kitchen cupboards for one, and that if

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Raspberry & Vanilla Smoothie

Raspberry & Vanilla Smoothie

I know… yet another smoothie recipe!    It’s not my fault (honest gov’) – It’s just the kids (& DH) are really loving having them (along side their pancakes) and I’m really enjoying trying out different ones to see what they

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Valentines Chocolate!

Was very excited when I recieved a parcel from Hotel Chocolat today & was very impressed that I managed to wait at 6 hours before opening it!  (ok, ok…. I was just waiting until the kids had gone to bed) We

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my year of food 2013

Wow – This list makes me feel like I have been busy – below are all the new dishes I’ve tried or revisited this year!

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Hunger Hurts – Still. A year on…

Originally posted on COOKING ON A BOOTSTRAP:
Today is exactly one year since I typed out, on my battered old Nokia, the words that have been reblogged and repeated in international news reports again and again and again over the…

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Many small voices: speaking out about domestic abuse

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Veggie Meatballs & Pasta

I got this recipe for veggie meatballs from katielovescooking She used an egg to bind her meatballs together, but I didn’t need it – if fact, I added more breadcrumbs to my mix as they were too wet & squishy!

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Originally posted on Bessie's Veggie Food:
i first blogged this recipe back in March when DD1 made a special request for a cherry & raisin cake.  We made it again yesterday & I remembered to take a photo of…

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Originally posted on crazyhappyhealthy:
So I realise there seems to be a lot of confusion concerning cooking oils. When you go to the grocery store there are so many to chose from. And it’s a true story when I say they are not…

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Last day with my baby…

That’s a bit over dramatic, it’s the last day DD2 & I will be at home alone together. It’s still sad though. I have mixed feelings about going back to work, I like my work & I like the girls

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