I was amazed to see this post! I really thought that you had to either buy one of those hot air poppers or cook it in some oil!

popcornIt was the first time DD1(4) had seen/heard popcorn pop & she thought it was fantastic!  DD2(1.5) just rammed as much as she could into her mouth as quickly as she could.  I think we will be making it again soon – possibly tomorrow 🙂


  • 0.25 cup popcorn


  1. put the popcorn into a large pyrex (or other microwave safe) bowl & put a (microwave safe) plate over the top
  2. put in the microwave on HIGH for 2m 45s
  3. carefully take the plate off (it will be hot) straight away or the steam will make the popcorn soggy
  4. If feeding to small children, check through it carefully to ensure you don’t feed them any un-popped kernels

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