I always wondered what Canola oil was – glad I always used butter or olive oil instead!


So I realise there seems to be a lot of confusion concerning cooking oils. When you go to the grocery store there are so many to chose from. And it’s a true story when I say they are not all made equally. Some oils are best suited for specific purposes like cooking, or salad dressings while many others should be avoided all together. In this 2 part article series I’ll give a rundown of some of the most common cooking oils you find in the grocery store and which ones you should be putting in your cart!

Before I get started I want to note that although some oils come from seemingly healthy foods (like sunflower oil or vegetable oil), it is the process in which these oils are extracted that makes many of them unhealthy. Extracting oil from a source requires it to be pressed and the oil “squeezed” out. This is an…

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