Tofu Lemon Cheesecake

Serves 1 to 12



350g digestive biscuits
175g melted margarine


1 packet plain silken tofu, approximately 400g
juice and rind of 2 lemons
50g cornflour
3 tbsp golden syrup
450ml water


  1. To make the base, crumble the biscuits into a bowl, melt the margarine and add to the biscuit crumbs. Mix and press into a well-greased, 8 inch diameter flan tin. Try not to get a thick welt where the sides meet the base. Set on one side to cool.
  2. Put the cornflour then water in a pan – mix well. Add the golden syrup, mix more. Then (and only then) turn the heat on, stirring constantly – no, really… stire all the time & don’t take your eyes off it. Once boiling, reduce the heat and allow to thicken.
  3. Blend the tofu until smooth
  4. Add the tofu & then lemon to the cornflour mix & blend until creamy. 
  5. Pour into the base and chill.
The original recipe states “This cheesecake is good as it is, but for a really special treat, top with black currants, raspberries or similar fresh fruit.”

Verdict?  Yuk!

I almost had a disaster doing the water, cornflour & golden syrup bit – make sure you do it exactly as I say above! (the original recipe doesn’t say this & I ended up with a lumpy gloopy mix that I had to throw away)

I also had problems getting the tofu smooth, but that’s because my hand blender is on the verge of dying <sob>

After all that, neither DH or I liked this (DD did!)  DH complained it wasn’t sweet enough, but it wasn’t even that lemony.

I don’t see why you need to do the water/cornflour/golden syrup thing, when this recipe thickens perfectly well by itself (perhaps it’s because of the lemon juice?)


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