Pasta Primavera

Yet another BBC Good Food recipe


* 85g unsalted butter
* 1 tbsp each chopped parsley , mint and chives
* some frozen peas
* 1 large carrot
* 1 courgettes
* some green beans
* 100g tagliatelle
* splash of olive oil
* finely grated zest and juice of 1 lemon
* dried basil


  1. Put the kettle on to boil
  2. Gently melt the butter with the parsley, chives and mint and set aside in a warm place. Prepare all the vegetables.
  3. Put the boiling water in the steamer.
  4. put the carrots & courgette in the steamer.
  5. after 5 mins put the rest of the veg in the steamer & put the pasta in the base of the steamer.
  6. After another 5 mins, drain the pasta & return it to the pan mixing it with a splash of olive oil, half the butter & herbs and the lemon zest and juice. Spoon onto serving plates.
  7. put the veg in the pan & mix them with the rest of the butter & herbs. Put the veg on top of the pasta
  8. Serve

This was ok – it certainly made a change from our usual pasta with carrots & brocolli, although DD didn’t like the courgette & eyed up the green beans very suspiciously.

I think i might miss out the butter next time & just use olive oil, and wouldn’t bother to buy a pack of unwaxed lemons just so I could zest one for this. (I just happened to have one languishing in the bottom of the fruit bowl today)


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One comment on “Pasta Primavera
  1. We tried this this evening. We loved the fresh taste of the veg and the lemon. We adapted it slightly to minimise dishes and cooked the veg lightly in olive oil alongside the herbs, instead of using the butter. That worked for us. I thought it would be nice with a good spoonful of creme fraiche or sour cream through it to make the pasta more moist but maybe this is against primavera rules! I have stolen it for my blog too – I hope that is ok bessie!Thanks for a yummy new pasta dish.

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