this seems so easy it’s hardly worth writing down…

* Veggie “meatballs” (I prefer the Quorn ones, DH prefers the sainsbury’s ones)
* splash of oil
* 1 onion
* 2 cloves garlic – crushed
* dried basil
* 1 tin tomatoes
* pasta – we usually have penne or spaghetti

optional (just choose one!)
* balsamic vinegar
* dried chili flakes
* tabasco


  1. Put the kettle on to boil (for the pasta)
  2. Start to cook your meatballs however you prefer.  we tend to do ours either in the oven or defrost them in the microwave & pot them straight into the sauce.  Suggest you read the pack to see what they suggest.
  3. Put a splash of oil & a splash of water in a pan & put onto a low heat
  4. Roughly chop the onion – add to the pan
  5. When the onion has softened, add the tinned tomatoes & turn the heat up
  6. Once it’s bubbling nicely add the meatballs & turn down the heat to a gentle simmer – this will need to cook (lid off) for about 10-15mins
  7. Put the pasta on
  8. A couple of minutes before the pasta is ready, add the garlic & one of the optional ingredients
  9. Add some olive oil to the tomato sauce if you want
  10. Drain the pasta, put on plates.  Add meatballs & sauce. Eat

Vegetarian. One husband, Two cats, Three kids.

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